Power of Attorney Attestation

What is Power of Attorney Attestation? Why is it required Attestation from UAE Embassy?

If you are in India and cannot travel to foreign country like UAE, but wishes that your work should not suffer due to this, in such cases Power of Attorney's are created. There are two types of Power of Attorney's General and Commercial.

General Power of Attorney

General Power of Attorney is created in cases where you wish to provide power of taking decisions on your behalf, it could be an individual or an agent. General Power of attorney is also created in case of selling your car, insurance or to settle any claim. Power of Attorney's like such can be considered once it is been attested by UAE Embassy.

Commercial Power of Attorney

Commercial Power of attorney is created in cases where your company is set up in another country like UAE and you wishes to manage your work from remote locations or another country. It is used when you would want to open or close your company, transact business details and buy/ sell company shares. In order to legalize the commercial attorney, it requires to be attested by UAE Embassy.

Note: All the power of attorney's which is been issued from India, requires attestation from Local Notary, If not, UAE Embassy will not process further.

What are the documents required for the attestation of Power of Attorney?

You will require,

  • Original Power of Attorney and Passport photocopies of Candidate who give power to an individual
  • Original Identity documents
  • Proof of residence
  • List of partners name

What is the process for attestation for Power of Attorney?

The Power Of Attorney will be attested from the concerned Ministries/Departments of the certificate origin country followed by UAE Embassy/UAE Consulate in India and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE.

ND Universal located in Mumbai can assist you with the entire process for attestation of Power of Attorney.

How long will it take for the process to attest POA?

It will take a minimum of 7-10 working days for the process to attest the power of attorney.

How will I contact ND Universal for the process of attestation?

You can contact ND Universal through our Customer Support or you can mail us for immediate assistance.

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All you need to do is mail us the documents and we take care of the entire process accurately and efficiently!

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