Apostille Services in India: The Full Information

Have you heard the word Apostille? Usually, the concern for Apostille is raised by the HR department of the company you are working for or if you are the one traveling to any foreign country then, associates must have mailed you or update you regarding the formalities for the same. Hearing this word Apostille, people often get confused or try searching for the formalities that go with in the process of Apostille.

Take a deep breath folk, this blog on Apostille will clear all your doubts.

Apostille Services in India

What is an MEA Apostille? How does an apostille stamp look like in India?

Apostille services providers are agents who offer assistance to applicants looking to get Apostille stickers for different international travel purposes. They offer a comprehensive range of services such as collecting documents from the applicants, getting them verified, and then getting the Apostille stamp from the MEA. The entire process is quite lengthy and complicated as each document goes through multiple verification procedures. Any lack of legal authenticity of these documents may lead to rejection and may cost you your career or future dreams of traveling abroad. Thus, it’s highly advised to hire a professional Apostille services provider. The computerized seal is placed behind the certificate or document which contains a 10-12 digit uniquely generated figure, through which foreign embassy can keep track of all your documents submitted online.

The process of Apostille is performed by the Central Government. There are certain verification steps that need to be followed before the Apostille of the document or certificate.

This blog will enlighten you with all the details related to the process of apostille and how much time it will take, along with other minor details.

What is the purpose of Apostille?

Apostille is required when you are traveling to a foreign country with the purpose of completion of higher education, job-related aspects or due to personal or family-related concerns. If you are planning to expand your business Internationally through Export and Import of goods, in such cases too Apostille is required.

Which countries require apostille of your Document?

BelgiumBelizeBosnia and HerzegovinaBotswanaBrunei DarussalamCape Verde
ColombiaCook IslandCosta RicaCroatiaCyprusCzech Republic
DenmarkDominicaDominican RepublicEcuadorEl SalvadorEstonia
GrenadaHondurasHong KongHungaryIcelandIndia
MacauMacedoniaMalawiMaltaMarshal IslandMauritius
MexicoMoldova (Republic)MonacoMontenegroNamibiaNetherland
New ZealandNiueNorwayOmanPanamaPeru
PolandPortugalRomaniaRussianSaint KittsSaint Lucia
SamoaSan MarinoSao TomeSerbiaSeychellesSlaint Vincent
SlovakiaSlurinameSouth AfricaSouth KoreaSpainTonga
Trinidad & TobagoTurkeyUKUkraineUruguayUSA

Why is an apostille required in india?

According to the UN Report of the year 2015, it is confirmed that India is one of those countries in the world whose 16 Million citizens are residing outside the country. In India, Apostille is issued by the Central Government (Ministry of External Affairs). The seal of the apostille contains the person and document details. The seal of Apostille may vary from one country to another.

What is the process of apostille in india?

The process for Apostille was initially performed only in Delhi, due to which people had to face difficulty in traveling all across the city for the process of Apostille. In the year 2019, the government has decentralized the process of Apostille and now it is accessible in four metro cities which include Chennai, Guwahati, Hyderabad, and Kolkata. In order to make the services of Apostille hassle-free, the government is ensuring the accessibility of the services in other cities across India. Also, the online process for Apostille is into consideration so that the process turns out to be hassle-free for the citizens.

There are three types of Apostille documents. Have a look at the process of Apostille below.

  1. Personal Documents

  2. Educational Documents

  3. Commercial Documents

Personal Documents

Apostille for Personal Document may require for varying purposes it could be for Family Visa, Marriage in Foreign Country or for the admission of your kids in Foreign School/College.

List of Personal Documents includes:

Birth CertificateLeaving Certificate
Police Clearance CertificateMedical Certificate
Marriage CertificateBona-fide Certificate
Single Status CertificateMarriage Certificate
Registration CertificatePower of Attorney

The process for Apostille of Personal Documents include,

  • Notary Attestation,
  • Attestation from Home Department or SDM (Sub Division Magistrate), and
  • Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)

Educational Documents

Apostille for Educational Documents required for Employment Visa in a foreign country, working abroad or when you are applying for higher education.

List of Educational Documents includes:

Degree CertificateNursing Certificate
PG Degree CertificateMS Certificate
Dentists CertificateSSC Certificate
Diploma CertificateMD Certificate
Nursing CertificateTranscript Certificate
BE CertificateHSC Certificate
MarksheetsEngineering Certificate
Inter CertificatePharmacy Certificate
MBBS Certificate

The process for Apostille of Education Documents include,

  • University Verification,
  • Home Department Attestation,
  • HRD Attestation / GAD Attestation
  • Apostille from MEA

Commercial Documents

Apostille for Commercial Document is required for the varying purposes, this includes when you are planning to start a company in a foreign country, appointing the director for a company, Importing / Exporting of goods from one country to another, for confirming any agreement or providing any authority to the individual.

List of Commercial Documents includes:

Physical Analysis ReportCertificate of Incorporation
Export InvoiceChemical Analysis Report
Power of AttorneyPackaging List
Certificate of OriginAgreement
Board ResolutionArticle of Association
Memorandum of AssociationShareholder Certificate
GMP CertificateHealth Certificate
Manufacturing LicenseFood and Drug Licence

The process of Apostille for Commercial Documents:

  • Notary Attestation,
  • Respective Chamber of Commerce, and
  • Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)

We will now understand the step by step process for verification of documents from various sources as stated above.

1. Notary Attestation

Notary attestation is conducted by Local Lawyer or from the court.

2. Home Department Attestation

Home Department Attestation or legalization is performed by the state government. The process for attestation is conducted in the capital city of the origin state. For Example: Maharashtra’s capital is Mumbai city, therefore if the certificate is issued by Maharashtra, the process of legalization will be performed in the capital city i.e Mumbai.

3. HRD Attestation

HRD Attestation is basically performed for Educational Documents. In order to legalize the document, it is supposed to be authenticated or verified first by the University.

4. SDM Apostille Attestation

SDM Attestation is another process of attestation of documents. If in case, state attestation is not performed or due to certain conditions State Attestation is missed out, with the help of SDM Attestation, MEA Apostille can be done.

5. Chamber of Commerce

Chamber of Commerce attestation is required for Commercial Documents Attestation. Here, state attestation for documents is not required.

6. MEA Attestation

MEA Attestation is the final step for the Apostille of documents.

How can you do Apostille?

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Frequently Asked Questions

This section covers FAQs about Apostille services in India. Many people are confused about what exactly Apostille services are, and have a lot of questions regarding the Apostille process, documentation, and legality. Here, we have tried to answer some of the FAQs often asked by our clients.

1. When do I need Apostille services?

If you intend to travel to a foreign country that is a member of the Hague convention, you need Apostille services. The reason for travel can be education, employment, short-term residency, a business deal, or for tourism purposes. Other reasons why you might need Apostille services are to adopt a child from a different country, to get married in a foreign country, to open a bank account in another country, to get an inheritance, and others. You need to get document Apostille on educational, non-educational, or commercial documents based on the purpose of travel.

2. What is the difference between Apostille and Attestation?

Even though Apostille and Attestation are not very different, Apostille is needed only for countries that are part of the Hague Convention. For other countries that are not part of the Hague Convention, attestation is needed. For Apostille, a sticker is applied to the document as proof by the concerned authority. In the case of attestation, the documents are stamped by the Central government and the concerned Embassy.

3. What is the Hague Convention?

The verification process by each of the Embassy can be quite tedious and time-consuming. To make it easier for applicants, certain countries have come together to make the process much faster. The Hague Convention saw a multilateral treaty being performed by several countries in 1961, and that gave birth to the idea of Apostille. An Apostille is the legalization of the document that can be used internationally. Applicants from countries that are covered by the Hague Convention do not need to get Embassy attestation to be able to travel to other countries. Currently, there are a total of 83 members: 82 States and 1 Regional Economic Integration Organization. You can find the names of all the members here.

4. Are there different types of Apostille available?

No, there is only one Apostille. When you request for Apostille of a document, it automatically means that it is under the Hague Convention of 1961.

5. Who can Apostille a document in India?

The MEA or the Ministry of External Affairs is the department responsible for Apostille of documents. To help make the entire process easier for applicants, it was decentralized to brand secretariats and the RPOs in 15 cities which include, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bhopal, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Cochin, Guwahati, Lucknow, Chandigarh, Raipur, Panaji, Thiruvananthapuram, and New Delhi. But, the documents need to be verified by the state government before obtaining the Apostille stickers.

6. Are the original documents submitted in safe hands?

Departments offering Apostille services are professional, experienced, and have knowledge of careful handling of original documents. They ensure the safety and privacy of the original documents until they are in their custody.

7. How long does the process of document Apostille take?

The time needed to Apostille documents will vary depending on the type of document, and the document-issuing state. Typically, it takes about 3-4 weeks for Apostille services. But, it might take a little longer if it involves attestation from the HRD.

8. Do documents need to be translated in any particular language to get Apostille done?

Apostille might need translation depending on the language of the document and the language of the foreign country where it is to be used. If the language of the foreign country is different from the language of the document, translation is necessary. Also, if the document is in a regional language, it needs to be first translated to English and then to any foreign language. Also, both sets of documents – English and the translated document will need to have Apostille stickers on them.

9. Is it possible for a notary to Apostille a document?

No, a notary is not authorized to Apostille documents. It is the MEA that can provide Apostille stickers for any document. But, before the document can be submitted to the MEA, they need to be verified from the notary to get the state certification for the legalization of educational and non-educational documents. However, commercial documents are exempted from the above process, but they need to be attested by the Chambers of Commerce.

10. What if the documents that I need to Apostille are laminated?

In case your certificates and documents that need to be Apostille are laminated, it has to be removed. The Apostille sticker is put directly on the document and cannot be put over lamination. Many countries also want the Apostille sticker to be stamped on the backside of the certificate or document, so removing the lamination is of utmost importance.

11. How much time and money is needed to complete the Apostille process?

The time and cost of the Apostille services will depend on the type of document and the country where the Apostille sticker needs to be obtained. All countries have their own process structure, time, and cost to deliver the Apostille services. So, it is best to talk to an expert to know the exact time frame that you should expect when you submit the documents.

12. What are the documents I need to submit if I am applying for a student visa?

For a student visa, the applicant needs to submit all educational documents to the MEA for Apostille services. Class 10 and Class 12 certificates and mark sheets need to be submitted for Apostille services if you want to go abroad for higher education. You will also need to get these documents attested from the HRD department before submitting them to the MEA for getting an Apostille sticker.

13. What are the documents I need to submit if I am applying for an employment visa?

You will first need to confirm the documentation needed for successful employment onboarding from your employer. The documents needed vary depending on the nature and the category of employment being sought. Typically, only the latest educational document is needed for Apostille.

14. If I already have an Apostille sticker from the MEA, will I need to do it every time I have to visit a foreign country?

No, an Apostille sticker is required only once and is valid for a lifetime. There is no need for you to apply for Apostille services again. Since the document has already been verified and authenticated, you will only need to get the attestation done from the concerned Embassy that you are applying to.